About Zhikava Company

About Zhikava Company

Zhikava with a background of more than 30 years of activity in the field of chemical and modern construction products, always tried to get knowledge from leading companies in the world such as the German company WALKER, ICS/PENETRON and other leading companies to produce our modern products and take huge steps to build a better Iran. The Zhikava brand has always been associated with the concept of quality. The products of this company are the result of the tireless efforts of its founders, and efficient research and development team which has led to increased productivity and reduced final costs, and increased quality and longevity of construction structures. Our brand has always been known as a leader in its field. Gradually expanding its activities beyond the borders of Iran and expanding its market to neighboring countries has been able to not only help the economy but also take steps to create employment, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development.

Water proofing
Construction Adhesives

Zhikava Projects

Demonstration of Tehran Hypersan parking lots

Demonstration of Tehran Medical Sciences Complex

Parking floor of Hekmat Complex in Tehran